Authentication and Data Format


All calls on SkyHub's Api need to be authenticated with user's email, access token, and account manager key. This information should be sent in the header of each request as shown below:

# Headers de autenticação
X-User-Email: user_email
X-Api-Key: access_token
X-Accountmanager-Key: x_accountmanager_Key

The X-Accountmanager-Key must be inserted in your request, this is a unique authentication data and is sent with your test account.

If you do not have the information that was quoted above, please contact our API Support Team at

Data Format

The standard for exchanging messages with the SkyHub API is through JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). For this reason, each request must contain the appropriate values in the Accept and Content-Type (application / json) headers, as the sample below:

# Headers do formato de dados
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json

Encoding (charset)

Data sent via POST or PUT must conform to UTF-8 charset.

If a different encoding is used, the "Unsupported data type" error (HTTP 415) is returned.

[IMPORTANT] - Even if the "Accept" header indicates UTF-8 charset usage, if the body data is not in the correct encoding, HTTP 415 error will also be returned.