Query Synchronization and Production Errors

This guide will explain how to consult products that have had errors connecting in B2W and also production errors after the connection. You will also be able to query orders synchronization errors.

List error categories

Performing the query below will list all error categories in SkyHub.


The code field of the query above refers to error category, such as "link_b2w_products".

Get an error category

In this query you can get all errors and solutions mapped to a particular category as an example we will use the error category "link_b2w_product".


Get products with error

In the query below you will be able to obtain all your products that you encounter with any type of error.





total of products with error


SKU number with error


error message


date of the last error occurrence of this product


error code


error category code

Get products with error by category:

The example below will only return products with an error of a given category. In this case we will continue to use the example error category "link_b2w_products" to create a query.


The query returns the total of products with error for the category chosen in the query and also its sku and error.

Get orders with errors

In the query below you will be able to get all of your orders that are with any type of error.


This query will return with the total of failed orders, their delivery, and reason for the error.

Get orders with error by error category


Ignore product and order errors


When we use the "PATCH" method, we inform Skyhub that we do not want to see that particular error again, this mean, after correcting the problem, you can inform SkyHub that you have made the correction and do not want to see that error again, and it will not appear again.

PATCH /sync_errors/products


PATCH /sync_errors/orders

If you have any question, please send an e-mail to api@skyhub.com.br