HTTP Response Status Codes

SkyHub uses the default group of HTTP statuses to indicate whether a request was successful or not.

Status Code


HTTP 2xx Codes

Indicate that the request was successful;

HTTP 4xx Codes

indicate that the request contains some incorrect information - incorrect access data, absence of a required field, and so on;

HTTP 5xx Codes

Indicates an error on SkyHub's servers. These are rare, and if you receive this code, you should contact our support.


Whenever an error occurs, the API will return in the body of the message a JSON with an error message according to the format below:

{error: "error message"}

HTTP Status

The most commonly used HTTP statuses are:




Success - The request was processed successfully


Created - The request was successfully processed and resulted in a new feature created


No content - The request was successfully processed and there is no additional content in the response


Malformed request - The request does not conform to the expected format. Check the JSON (body) being sent


Not authenticated - Authentication data is incorrect. Check the header of the request for the email and the token


Unauthorized - You are trying to access a resource you are not allowed to


Not found - You are trying to access a resource that does not exist on SkyHub


Format Not Accepted - SkyHub does not support the data format specified in the header (Accept)


Media format not supported - SkyHub can not process the uploaded data by its format. Be sure to use the UTF-8 charset (both in the "Content-Type" header and in the request's own body)


Semantic error - Despite the request be in the correct format, the data avoid some business rule (eg invalid transition from order status)


Exceeded request limit - You have made more requests than allowed in a given resource

500 or 502

Internal error - An error occurred on the SkyHub server when attempting to process the request


Service unavailable - SkyHub API is temporarily down


Timeout - The request took a long time and can not be processed