Homologation - "B2W Entrega" Shipping Label

The first step in initiating the Homologate this feature is to have a Test Account created within SkyHub.

If you do not already have it, request the creation of the account to our API team by sending an e-mail to api@skyhub.com.br.

To issue the shipping label, you will need to:

  • Create some products with stock,

  • Generate some orders in the test account.

Creating Products

Make a POST in the Endpoint https://api.skyhub.com.br/products as the example below:

Don't forget to include a positive number on product "qty"=

Creating Products

The Test Account already has some Shipping Label available for grouping, so you must create the orders using the same codes that are available in the account.

Check our API Explorer

To access these codes log in to the Test Account and go to "Menu Pedidos" > "Postagem" > "Pedidos para Agrupamento":

In the sample json order that we sent you of example there is a field called "remote_code", this field must be filled with one of the codes that are inserted in the column "Order".

With the products and orders already created in the Test Account, you can make the requisitions to issue, group and ungroup labels by following the instructions in the guide: